Welcome to Reboot

Our Signature (what we're about)

At REBOOT we personify - living life well. We offer our clients next generation functional fitness at an exclusive speciality, boutique style studio. Whether you are a stay at home mom, professional athlete or corporate mogul, REBOOT engages a wide spectrum of clientele. We walk the REBOOT path with YOU and create a healthier lifestyle by tapping into your inner body, mind and soul.  Our Mission? To provide superior modalities, - Pilates, Zumba and Boxercise. It's comfortable. Its tranquil. It's vibrant. REBOOT's environment is hands-on and our Gurus (a.k.a: Instructors) have extensive knowledge in their field.

Your Playground (how you "FIT" into the picture)

Make REBOOT your playground. RE-design and RE-shape your life. Let it be your Game-Changer. Be enthusiastic about Life and REBOOT YOUR LIFESTYLE!


"The difference between try and triumph...is that little umph"

- Marvin Phil